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Center of database programmers

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The team of young active, if your goal is to find a peaceful quiet place to work without straining – this is definitely not your place. Minimum-management responsibility is shifted as much as possible to the developer, and the control is ensured by observing the timing of the project and plans.


The company specializes in developing enterprise data warehousing, providing services for the integration of ERP systems industry. Specialization – finance, banking mandatory reporting standards, IFRS, GAP analysis, the analytical study of business tasks with subsequent automation.

Qualified and competent

Of key importance to the company is the availability of results, everything else we think is a beautiful story about why did not that have nothing to do with delu.Radius focuses solely on integration projects (ETL, ELT, SOA).

On a clear plan Jobs

We have a special culture. We achieve concrete results and do our best to achieve our goals. We work mainly on project management methodology Scrum. We clearly put the emphasis on quality control of the development process.

"Employees of the company Ltd. «Radius» established themselves as professionals in the field of IT. A distinctive feature of the work of Ltd. «Radius» is the high degree of organization and efficiency of employees, willingness to respond quickly to circumstances and delivery requirements of the business unit managers. All works were carried out efficiently and on time."

V. A. GarievDirector of the Competence Centre for banking IT company «I-Teco"

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Produced infrastructure and equipment analysis. Collected information about the data structure and load information and system requirements are assessed as a whole. Also we can create a mobile application for BI.

Writing documentations

Together with customers we develop a plan of actions aimed at optimizing the efficiency office. Accordingly, the documentations drawn up and signed the contract.

Increase efficiency

During the service of client companies will be offered options for improving the infrastructure that will help increase the efficiency of office work and business of our clients.

Security and reliability

The company values the reputation, so we guarantee full confidentiality. For your safety, we will prepare the relevant contract, which will comply with the requirements of Russian Federation and International law.

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always rapid introduction of advanced technologies

Individual approach to solving the problem.

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